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Joe Pisapia (@JoePisapia17), Andrew Erickson (@AndrewErickson_), Derek Brown (@DBro_FFB), Pat Fitzmaurice (@Fitz_FF), and Matthew Freedman (@MattFtheOracle) host lively discussions with our network of 200+ experts. Together, our hosts will continue to honor and maintain the legacy of our late friend and colleague, Mike Tagliere, by doing the very best they can to keep you both informed and entertained. Find out who the experts have on their “must-draft” lists and the sleepers they’re targeting. During the season, we’ll help you spot hidden gems on the Waiver Wire and offer analysis that will help with Start/Sit decisions. Got a question you want answered on the show?  for our listener mailbag.

Aug 12, 2022

The vast majority of fantasy advice centers around what analysts believe has the highest probability to occur. But today, Joey P., Big Pod Energy, and DBro are throwing caution to the wind and shooting their shot on which unexpected results are well within the realm of possibility! Champions aren't made by being mostly right about what will happen. All you need to win is to correctly identify more positive fringe outcomes than your leaguemates.


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Andrew's No. 5 Bold Prediction - 0:06:34
Derek's No. 5 Bold Prediction - 0:09:05
Joe's No. 5 Bold Prediction - 0:12:09
Andrew's No. 4 Bold Prediction - 0:16:14
Derek's No. 4 Bold Prediction - 0:18:35
Joe's No.4 Bold Prediction - 0:20:54
Andrew's No. 3 Bold Prediction - 0:23:39
Derek's No. 3 Bold Prediction - 0:28:45
How can Kyle Pitts produce if Drake London eats? - 0:31:35
Joe's No. 3 Bold Prediction - - 0:34:33
Andrew's No. 2 Bold Prediction - 0:38:51
A.J. Brown - 0:42:11
Derek's No. 2 Bold Prediction - 0:42:48
JuJu Smith-Schuster - 0:45:44
Joe's No. 2 Bold Prediction - 0:46:49
Andrew's No. 1 Bold Prediction - 0:51:31
Derek's No. 1 Bold Prediction - 0:52:51
Joe's No. 1 Bold Prediction - 0:56:11
Joe's Bonus Prediction - 0:59:32
Listener Mailbag - 1:00:18